Candy Downs and The Orange County Steppers Do It Again!

Candy Downs and the Orange County Steppers had their fourth year anniversary set  this weekend.  You know, I’ve been to three of her anniversary sets and this year out shone them all.  I mean.  It was well attended and the variety of men was astounding.  The steppers were in the house and they hailed from Chicago to Savannah and all points in between.  Yes, Florida repped from South Florida to the West Coast.

The one thing that I noticed was all the new faces in the building and on the Saturday night, the black, orange and silver was ever present and everyone looked beautiful.  The ballroom on Friday was well, how should I put it, in a word incredible.   And the Saturday night was so jam packed that extra chairs had to be added to accommodate all the steppers. The ballroom’s elegant and classy settings housed on each table screamed you were some place special.   TWSGA’s Ms. Mary surprised Ms. Candy with an acknowledgement from her organization in the middle of the set that was touching, unexpected and sweet.  That is a true testament of Ms. Downs karma.  She put out good energy and the love flowed back her way this weekend.  Despite all the steppin goings on, there were local VIP’s in attendance which included radio and television personalites and a host of others.

I’m tired.  I stepped all weekend to DJ Smooth from Atlanta and DJ True Platinum from the Central Florida area.  They are responsible for the leg pain. The live entertainment of Ree ReeReality was pure genius and he graced us on Saturday.  Friday’s performance was by Charlie C a singer from Detroit with an amazing voice.  I didn’t attend the workshop because I was just too exhausted.  Feedback being that Andre Blackwell and Sherry Gordon put it down.  One lady said she got so much out of it that she is thinking about flying to both locales, Chicago and Detroit to take privates.  Go head y’all. Oh, even Westside Mike showed up and showed out.

There was so much stuff going on that I can’t recall it all.  But Orlando’s City Commissioner, Ms. Daisy Lyman attended and who previously proclaimed Orange County Steppers Day which was on July 17th.  She loved the steppin’ so much that she is now considering taking classes.   The important pieces was mentioned, the great music, the steppin’, the fellowshiping and most of all the welcoming spirit of Candy Downs and the Orange County steppers.  Their hospitality reigned supreme.  See y’all next year for that fifth year anniversary.


4 responses to “Candy Downs and The Orange County Steppers Do It Again!

    • Thank you Veronica for a job well done. I appreciate your honesty and your praise. If a person cannot see the good in what another does, they need to shut their trap. Negativity won,t get us anywhere

  1. I really enjoyed the entire event…..Thank you OC Steppers. Seeing everyone in attendance was a special treat for me. The music was awesome…..I danced like no one was watching…..I had a ball. See you all at the next event I attend….Keep on steppin and love doing it……I do!

  2. I have lived in Irvine, California since January, 2011. I have not been able to locate
    Chicago Steppers (classes, socials, contests, etc.) in or near Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana. Please email me ( if you can help me with this effort.
    I have contacted an instructor in Los Angeles who is willing to come to Irvine to teach classes and have a group of 20 men and women who are interested in lessons.

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