Cardell Harrington The True Steppers Artist

I was first introduced to Cardell Harrington’s music in Las Vegas.  It was during a New Years Eve fete and he was one of the featured artists for the weekend’s events.  My not being familiar with him I was skeptical.    I quite frankly wanted to see if I could hit me a jackpot during his set on  the Wheel of Fortune in the casino.  I  was headed out when I was stopped and told to sit back down because  I was  in for a treat.   I think he opened up with When We Make Love and my jaw dropped.  I had no idea he was that guy.  So, I was honored when he accepted my invite to participate in the blog.  Enjoy y’all.

1.  How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would like to say that I am the people’s artist.  I like to do songs that people can relate too.  Real life situations, things that  touch the heart.

2.  The Look in Your Eyes is my favorite steppin’ song performed by you.  Which one of your songs is the most requested?

I get different requests in each area.  Right now I have eight songs that people play around the country.

3.  Cardell, are you a Stepper?

Back in the day I was.  However, right now with creating music I really don’t have a lot of time to devote to the eight count.  But I plan to get more involved in the near future.

4.  Why steppin’ music?

Wow, I really have a deep love for the music. I  hope that people can see that in my performances.  I grew up with this music. I remember when the Dj’s would  play a lot of JB’s, like Watergate, JB’s Monorail, Escapism, More Peas, and Mind Power.  I love that stuff, real solid grooves.

5.  Are you in contact or do you have any type of personal relationship with any of the other steppin’ artists?

Yes I call all the other artist from time to time to say whats up.

6.  I would love to go to a live steppers set with you, Marcel and the Truth, KJon, etc. and step all night to live music.  Can you try to make that happen for me? 

Funny you should bring that up, I am in the process of making that happen right now.

8.  When not crooning, what is Cardell up to?

Nothing much, usually watching the game or spending time with my daughter.

9.  Any hobbies?

I play a little ball every so often. I try to work out but it is very hard to get into a routine.

10. You are located in Cali, but is that your home?

No I grew up on the south side of Chicago.

12.  A gourmet burger or a New York Strip?

New York Strip

13.  What’s the furthest place you have travelled to perform?

Right now just in the US

16.  Who inspires your music?

There are lots of people that I listen to for inspiration. When I was younger playing the bass I listened to a lot of Jazz Fusion.  People like Chick Corea, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, and Stanley Clarke.  Later, I began listening to more funk musicians like Larry Graham and Louis Johnson. Vocally I listen to a lot of people but when it comes to lead vocals I continue to study Marvin, Stevie, Charlie Wilson, Luther, Ronald Isley, and Freddie Jackson to name a few.   My background vocal sound that I do in my songs I developed by studying Heatwave and Earth Wind and Fire.

17.  Do you read?  If so, favorite writer?

Yes I read books by Les Brown, Norman Vincent Peale, and Joseph Murphy.  One of my favorite books’ is the Malcolm X Autobiography.

18.  Is there anything you would like to say to the steppin’ community?

I surely would like to say thank you to the entire steppin community for all the love and support.

Direct and straight to the point,  just like his music.  If you would like to hear Cardell sing, he will be in Orlando at the 2nd Annual All White Steppers Extravaganza hosted by the Florida Steppers International and for additional information you can log on to  Cardell will be there being that true steppers artist.  I thank you for reading and always, let’s keep on steppin’.


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